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Quality Management

We ensure that you can rely on our product quality always. We strive for ‘excellence’ by providing customized products & services that best satisfies the requirements of our Customers and continuously improve quality, reliability & service with the help of an effective Quality Management System, encompassing all statutory, regulatory, health, safety & environment requirements at our work place.

Quality Objectives:
  • Maintain improving trend of Customer Satisfaction.
  • Continual improvement in ‘on-time delivery’ of products as per customer requirements.
  • Adherence to applicable statutory & regulatory requirements.
  • Constantly monitor suppliers’ quality and guide them in improvements.

Agammya International maintains industry leading quality standards. With rigorous incoming raw material inspection and finished goods analysis and testing, we deliver on our promise of superior product consistency and quality. The declared aim of the company is to sale only such products and goods that meet all individually customized, relevant to production quality requirements in full.
Our approach:
  • Extensive Supply Chain and Global, Strategic Sourcing relationships which secure the vital link in the supply chain of custody
  • In-depth Market Intelligence, providing our customers with a competitive advantage
  • Global Logistics, offering a full service approach for all import/export delivery requirements
  • Domestic & International Warehousing with local stocking points, inventory management and lot-control for just-in-time deliveries, including both hazmat and non-regulated items
  • Enhanced interactive website with live support, quick quotes and product information as well as an ERP system which offers leading-edge technology
  • Multi-lingual Customer Service to maintain a personalized relationship within the supply chain
  • Core values driven by a desire to achieve excellence and operate with the highest standards of integrity

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